Sumter SC United States



There are several ways to donate to the project.

  • Funding -We always need funding because we are completely dependent on donations. Without funding, we cannot expand the project as we move forward. How do I give?

    • Click on the    Donate      button and you can give through PayPal.​

    • Mail us a check to our address -

      • P.O. Box 3012, Sumter, SC 29151

    • Call one of us and we can make arrangements. It's that easy!

  • Clothing - We distribute clothes each event to those who need them. Check out our Current Needs. Due to storage issues, we can only accept what we currently need, however, we appreciate your willingness to give. Check back often to help fulfill them.

  • Food - We provide a hot meal at each Park Event. We need volunteers willing to prepare and/or donate food each event as needed. If you love to cook, we'd love to have you help with this. If you don't love to cook but you want to help by donating food, we'd love to have you help with that too!