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Ways to Donate

There are several ways to donate to and support the mission of The By Name Project.



We provide a complete meal at each Park Event. We need volunteers willing to prepare and/or donate a full meal (main dish, sides, and a drink) that will feed 60-80 people. The meals can be homemade, purchased, or donated by restaurants. For more details or to choose a date to provide the meal, please call 1-803-938-4879

Perfect Picnic

Clothing & Hygiene Items


We distribute clothes and personal hygiene items at each event to those who need them. Check out our Current Needs page for details. Due to storage issues, we can only accept what we currently need, however, we appreciate your willingness to give. Check back often to see updates on our needs.



We are a non-profit organization which means we rely heavily on the monetary funding and support of various partners and donors. We are happy to receive monthly or one-time donations of cash, credit, or check.  

To donate online click on the yellow DONATE button at the top of the screen or click here to visit our Paypal page.


To mail a donation, use the address below:​​


The By Name Project

P.O. Box 3012, Sumter, SC 29151


Need more options? Just give us a call at 1-(803)938-4879 and we can make arrangements.

Donation Jar

​How funds are used 


All leadership and volunteers work without pay. 100% of funds donated go directly into the running and future planning for the organization.

Here are the ways we use monetary donations:

  • Insurance & Taxes - we were blessed to receive a truck and trailer through donation, in just under a couple years into the life of our organization, which have become central to serving our community. Your donations help us keep the insurance, taxes, and registration on the vehicle current. It also provides for any maintenance the vehicle may require over time.

  • Meals & Supplies - We are committed to our community and strive to be a constant in a world where there is little consistency. While many of the meals and hygiene items we provide to the community have been generously donated, at times we run thin on physical donations and we will use monetary donations received to purchase necessary resources.

  • Future Building Fund - The By Name Project doesn't currently have a home and in planning for the future we are looking to acquire a building where we can sort and store extra clothing, hold meetings and events and offer classes and other assistance to our community. Your monetary donations help to bring us closer to that goal.


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